Current Project

53rd/Lexington Subway Station
The purpose of this art exhibition is to give NYC based artists (many that are not normally involved in the urban art world) the opportunity to give to the city we call home. The exhibition location is a public space that is in need of some cheering up. This year, Jordan Seiler (the man behind the NYSAT Project) came on board to co-curate the show. if there is anyone that knows how to coordinate a project, its Jordan! 12 artists were involved in this years project. Here is more info on them. Photographs and video will be up soon.

Beth Whitney -
Beth Whitney is a Jersey City artist whose studio practice focusses on the many uses of art as a tool for public intervention and cultural critique. An ardent believer in the power of the uncanny to encourage new ways of thinking about our usual day to day patterns, she prefers a theatrical, collaborative approach to both the making and displaying of art. This gift to the public celebrates the daily unplanned intersections of reality between the myriad individuals that cross paths within the great equalizing force known as the NYC subway system

The past exists around me but it is incoherent and unsatisfying. What exists is interfering with my ability to decipher the moment. I attempt to surface personal themes through the obsessive elaboration of graphical motifs. My work both references the distracting nature of the layered cultural landscape while at once drawing it together into a total engagement with the spectator.

Paul Panamarenko -
Paul Panamarenko is a Texan who moved to the East Coast a few years ago. His recent work plays with the idea of iconography. The ballerina, Dyna, is not a real icon, so the experiment is how exposure to a repeated image can raise it to the status of icon. Look for Dyna in 2010.

Clarke Clarke -
Clark Clarke is an American conceptual performance and video artist also associated with the graffiti urban art movement. He is most known for his “VOTE” campaign for the 2008 presidential elections. He originally started the project in 2005 mostly in the midwest swing states, but it quickly expanded nationwide. The design was an homage to the artist Robert Indiana and his LOVE artwork.

Jessica Jade Jacob -
Jessica Jade Jacob is a makeup artist/filmmaker. In between making movies and making up faces, she can be found creating and exploring new worlds to showcase her craft.

Max -
“Max is one face of the modern American hackerspaces movement. Modeled on European spaces such as the CCC and American ‘centers for the recently possible’ like ITP, hackerspaces bring technically-minded people together to learn, make and share. Max’s work focuses on the progress and loss of scientific knowledge across time, geography and culture.

The Brick of Gold -
The Brick of Gold is an inventor. He invented Prosciutto. He invented Cabbing.

Sprezanne -
No one knows who Sprezanne is. This strange bearded figure appears out of nowhere with a roll of stencils and a few cans of spray paint under his arm. In seconds he transfixes his images with iridescent glowing colors onto any available surface. He uses color space to realize his enigmatic characters, creating an improbable scene. Asked about the meaning of his work, Sprezanne laughed, squinting and stroking his beard.

Brian Ermanski -
New York City artist Brian Ermanski, is on the cutting edge of “NOW” art with one leg dipped in fashion and the other is frozen in ice. The art projects currently in production are “ICE” logos, and his “interactive plastic” cut-out doll paintings using velcro and plastic cutout objects. Ermanski is reinventing the idea of industrialized art.

Milk Gallery is hosting a solo show of his “ICE” productions next year.

Jordan Seiler-
Jordan Seiler is a public artist/activist working on the street since late 2000. Having lived in New York City all of his life, his dedication to the city and promoting a healthy public use of our shared environments is at the heart of his process. Interested in un-authorized public works, this project adheres to his desire to create art as a gift in an effort to bridge the gap between isolated individuals in our loving metropolis.

Mat Benote -
Mat Benote is a conceptual artist, working in the merging worlds of fine art and graffiti. His goal is to open the doors of possibility for innovative new schools of thought in art theory. He aims to push the boundaries in those few places that are still considered taboo in the world of art. In doing so, he incorporates methods typically used by graffiti artists but does so in higher art settings, or vice versa. The pieces themselves aren’t necessarily the artist’s main focal point. Nor is the manner in which they are displayed. It is the combined effort of the two – thus the concept of merging graffiti with other more established forms of art.

To date, his methods have varied from adding to other people’s artwork, curating gallery style exhibitions in public spaces and creating abstract sculptures and leaving them anywhere he sees fit and clandestinely hanging his own artwork in any and every museum he feels like.”