Artist Statement

Make art to benefit everyone.

This is the core, the foundation, of my work. This is the hinge upon which it all swings. Every day I ponder that statement.  How can it become a reality? By looking for opportunities.

Gifted Art is one of the simplest solutions. Instead of forcing communities to pay exuberant prices for a piece of art, gift it to them. This is what Urban/Graffiti/Street artists do. Use whatever moniker you like. We do what we can to make our world a more beautiful place. A brighter place.

Imagine what museums could do if all the art in their collections were gifted to them? Imagine the good museums could do if they didn’t have to allocate so much time and resources to finding funding? Instead of spending millions in annual budgets on acquisitions, they could host interactive classes for children. They could spend more time and effort connecting with their communities.  They could cut the price for admission. They could make it free. Every museum in the nation should be free. They could help fund blossoming artists. They could do more to make our world a more beautiful place.

The art world evolves. It is a natural and necessary process. A new step needs to occur. What we need to see is a merging of the worlds of street art and fine art. The first movements of this have begun, but the process is far from complete. This is the next logical step in the evolution of art, just as pop merged before it. And abstract expressionism before that. And so on down thru the history of contemporary art. It is my mission to help push forward this merge. This metamorphosis. By taking the principles of urban art, and applying them to the rest of the art world. By taking the process of the street, and bringing it indoors. Taking the process of fine art, and bringing it to the streets. By meshing various clashing schools of thought, and blazing a bold new path for art to embark upon.